New Beginnings.

After ten happy years as an emperor of ice cream, I have decided to sell the business and pursue other opportunities.

We are actively seeking to secure the company's future through new ownership. Our aim is to find someone who can run the company with a sense of mission and vision in keeping with the one we have always pursued; who will continue to provide our customers with the same high quality products they have come to expect from St Clair Ice Cream.

As the company transitions into this new phase, we will be closing for a well- deserved rest. We hope to reopen under new leadership in the near future and keep a good thing going. Until then, we will be ceasing operations. Our products will be unavailable for purchase or shipping, either online or directly through our office.

If you are interested in purchasing the St Clair Ice Cream brand and continuing the company's operations, please email me.

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We couldn't have made this journey without our customers. With thanks for your continued loyalty and best wishes for the future,

Frits Zernike